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  • Mikahila Bloomfield Editors Versus Bloggers

Vogue magazine and a laptop

Wrapping up Milan Fashion Week, editors turned their critical eye to bloggers. The digital editors' bemoaned bloggers fidgeting with their phones front row and worried these bloggers precipitate the "death of style". They also expressed sadness for the women who "preen for the cameras in borrowed clothes" and they found it "distressing, as well, to watch so many brands participate".

The internets immediately pointed out the hypocrisy and some made a point to highlight the greater issue that these digital editors are essentially afraid and threatened by people who have the exact same job.

Neiman Marcus also felt compelled to blame bloggers for their troubles. During an investor call, Karen Katz, Neiman Marcus Group CEO, blamed bloggers and social media in general for lackluster sales.

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