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Kim Kardashian Paris Fashion Week Robbery

It was pretty unsettling to read what happened to Kim Kardashian in the late hours of the night after retiring to her hotel after a long day of Paris Fashion Week festivities. What was even more unsettling was the flagrant lack of empathy that ensued. People accusing the wife, sister, daughter, mother of two, of fabricating the entire story for publicity - or insurance money.

Kim Kardashian could garner media attention by announcing she'll be opening an envelope at 53rd and Madison and nearly every media outlet would cover the story. AND if the envelop was empty, every media outlet would be covering THAT story. The fact of the matter is Kim Kardashian, no matter your personal distaste for her or her family, does not need to concoct such an elaborate tale that incorporates the French Police and would cause her immense legal trouble. There are better ways for the Forbes cover star, who has an estimated net worth of $51 Million, to get her husband Kanye out of debt.

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