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  • Mikahila Bloomfield

I Heart You, Fur Real

What's an "anti-fur" fashion blogger do to when she has the opportunity to wear a $15,000 Saint Laurent fox fur coat? Wear it, of course! One cannot let a simple thing like morals get in the way of a major street-style moment.

Former Grazia Editor, Erica Pelosini, told Yahoo! Style, “You know, what’s funny is that I am normally against fur. I would never buy fur in my life. But this coat was a gift, and since it arrived in my closet, I can’t not wear it. But I hope they make new ones with fake fur. We should all wear fake fur.”

Hedi Slimane showed the heart-shaped coat in his final collection for Saint Laurent. Since then we've seen the coat worn by Cara Delevingne, Anna Dello Russo, Kendall Jenner, and several other peacockers. Can we just agree that Rihanna wore it best?

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