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On this episode of the Fashion League podcast, Brian Murray Jr. discusses how he went from training to become a dancer with aspirations to move to L.A., to now writing about the best gift ideas and The 54 Best Books From Oprah's Book Club. Brian is the lifestyle editor at, and his work has been featured on Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Tower (Jenga Set):

6 Best Ball Deodorants to Keep It Fresh Down There by Brian Murray Jr.,

Episode 14 Transcript:

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:00:00] Hi, subscribe to the Fashion League podcast. We're available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play and wherever you can find podcasts. Leave us a review.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:00:44] Hey, thank you so much for having me.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:00:47] So, let's start from the beginning. What did you study in school? And where did you go to school?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:00:56] Surprisingly, I actually started as a dance major. I went to Marymount Manhattan College right here in New York.

It's a small school a liberal arts college right on the Upper East Side and after two years I just didn't want to do it anymore and decided to switch my major to business marketing.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:01:17] What year was that?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:01:20] That was August 2012.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:01:23] So, you were a Junior?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:01:24] I was going into my junior year

The decision was made, I believe it was like August 20th. I emailed my guidance counselor and I was like, hey, I'm so sorry. I had an Awakening. I need to switch my major. I'm going to do business marketing and I set a goal for myself. Even though as soon as I said it I was like, okay that might be unrealistic, but I was like if I'm gonna do this I'm gonna have an internship every semester.

I'm gonna like bust my ass. I'm gonna really go for it. I'm not just gonna switched my major willy nilly. So, It was August 20th. And if anybody listening knows of an intern experience, you usually get those in like March of the previous year. So it was a little behind. By like a weird twist of events, I somehow got an interview at People's Revolution. Little did I know they were pleading for interns, because it was two weeks prior to Fashion Week. So I was directed to them. I lost my it so I was also last minute so we were both some last-minute Nancy's here. They needed some extra help. But I remember it was really embarrassing.

So coming from a dance major. I knew nothing about the business world. So I showed up and I remember I'll never forget it. I didn't print out my resume. I didn't know that was a thing. And I couldn't figure out the door system.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:02:42] That's the only thing they grade you on! Did you bring your resume? Did you give me a firm handshake?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:02:49] My boyfriend? Who's still my boyfriend now, he was like Brian

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:02:53] You've been together that long?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:02:54] Yes, it's been seven and a half years.

Yeah. He died when I like told him. He was like, oh my God, I forgot to tell you. How did you not bring your resume? That's like the one thing that's the easiest check off.

But I remember I couldn't figure out that door system because it was so hard to buzz up or it just didn't work, that wooden door. And if you go there now, where the offices are, there's a massive building that blocks the door with shade.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:03:18] Don't tell people how to get into the building.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:03:21] No, no just there. It was under construction. So there was no building there. So the sun was beating on the door. And I remember I was in this blazer. It was awful. I went to H&M got this little black blazer.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:03:31] I also wore an H&M blazer. We probably had the same blazer because it was black and I got it in the men's section.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:03:37] We probably did, no doubt.

But I was standing there for a solid 15-20 minutes until finally I got buzzed up and I walked in there.


I think my jacket was wet it was so it was just awful. And so I walked in and I remember the girl who I was supposed to interview with wasn't there. I think she was out at a meeting. So the other girl who left two weeks after we started. She was like, okay, I'll interview you and she said 'do you have your resume?'

And I was like, 'Oh, no.'

So then she says, okay, I'll have one of the interns print it out so somebody got the email, printed it out, and handed it to me and then...


Pause real quick.

It was like I manifested this because over the summer. I was not enjoying the route I was going with dance and I was working retail at Athleta on the Upper East Side selling yoga pants and my boyfriend and I binged 'The City' with Whitney Port and it was the weirdest thing.

I read Kelly's book, too. I didn't even want to go into fashion. It just manifested itself. We just binged 'The City'. I read Kelly's book. Was in love with the whole Kelly Cutrone everything that she was about and so it was just so weird that here I was in the little corner office that she sits and talks to Whitney [Port], except I'm talking to her assistant instead of Kelly.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:04:54] Her name was Casey. It had to be Casey because it's hilarious because that email where you applied for the internship, it was 'K' dot 'C' or KC [Kelly Cutrone] like the letters and her name was also Casey.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:05:10] Wow! Memory.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:05:11] I remember everything that's why I was such a great assistant.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:05:15] That's why you excelled more than me.

But, the first thing out of her mouth was.

'I'm just telling you now if Angie was here and you didn't have your resume you wouldn't be sitting down for this interview right now.'

I was like Frozen and I just remember trying like not to mention the show. Not to mention the awe Kelly Cutrone, but I definitely did my research. I knew what designers they repped and everything like that.

And she was like, 'okay, I think we'll be in touch.' And within the day she emailed me and said you can start I was so excited and then. I'll never forget I showed up early. I think I showed up like a little before 9:00AM and no one was there.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:05:55] We were supposed to be there at 9:30AM.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:05:57] Okay, so I think I showed up at 9. I was way too prepared. And I was ready to go and my sister just moved to the city two days prior. And I remember we were so excited for my first day of this new business marketing career and I remember being like Oh my God, this is so exciting. I'm at school all day in a dance department, dancing all day. I'm out interning at an office.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:06:17] What did you like about interning at People's Rev?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:06:20] Well, we'll get there.

But I just remember she [my sister] was like, let's grab dinner after your first I can't wait to hear all about it.

And, the person who showed up after me early too was Alan. I think his first week was the week prior, or he started two days before. He was like, 'I hope you don't have plans tonight'. I was like why? He's like 'Oh, because we get out at like 11:00PM.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:06:45] He stole that line from someone. Someone told that to him when he started.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:06:49] Well, I was floored. I was like you're kidding, right? And he was like 'no, we get out like 11:00/11:30. I think last night we left at like 11:30.'

And I like internally was dying. Just because I wanted the experience, but I didn't have 'a passion for fashion'. I just wanted the PR experience and I thought that was a great place to start, obviously. But, whoa was I in for three months of a ride.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:07:11] So that was your first PR experience. What do you do after People's Rev?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:07:16] After People's Rev, I switched gears and I interned at Atlantic Records after that. Which was pretty awesome.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:07:22] What was that like?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:07:24] It was really hands-on. My supervisors were awesome. Got along great. Still in contact with them. They were just a really fun experience and polar opposite of fashion. Just because I love music so much.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:07:36] You did love music. You would have music playing and I feel like when I was doing something important and work-related you came over and played Iggy Azalea for me.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:07:47] Oh, that was like Iggy's come up.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:07:48] I was like, who is this rapping? 'Okay I guess I'm into it.'

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:07:49] And you were like okay, will you let me get back to work? I was always looking to do something else.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:07:55] And then you started dancing. I was like, 'it seven o'clock. It's time to go.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:08:02] It was always time to go there. But after Atlantic, then I stayed on the music route and I went to Def Jam for the summer.

So I was slowly completing my goal of having an internship every semester.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:08:13] So I don't know anything about music PR. You were in the publicity department. And what does that mean?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:08:19] Well as an intern, I wasn't necessarily pitching but I was getting the clips and prepping different reports.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:08:25] Oh, so you had transferable skills because we were doing clips at People's Rev.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:08:29] Yeah, so I knew the gist of collecting coverage and searching for coverage and putting it on a Doc and cropping the photos and scanning, stuff like that.

And then after Atlantic [Records], Def Jam, which was really cool because they actually have a little stage in their office and when artists are in town, they'll perform.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:08:47] This is like a scene from Atlanta [the TV show starring Donald Glover.]

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:08:51] One of the ones that happened while I was there - Big Sean was a cool one. He came in and performed and then Chrisette Michelle - for any R&B fans. No? Okay. But that was cool. After that, I went to Columbia Records. I have to say Def Jam and Colombia weren't as hands-on, so I was getting a little bored. But both experiences were great. Made a lot of connections and everybody that I worked with was awesome. Then I was able to interview for a PR internship with Bravo at NBC which was the best.

It was so good. Actually I wasn't a Housewives fan going into that, but I studied it to make sure I knew what I was talking about during the interview and after.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:09:30] You are studier! You knew the brand's going into People's Rev and now, you know about the Housewives. You researcher. Well, this is fun research.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:09:40] You know what's really embarrassing? I made a PowerPoint presentation with a picture of the Housewife and then on the next slide I had their name, so I would go through Atlanta, OC, Beverly Hills, but I would have the picture of the Housewife and then on the next slide would be the name so I could quiz myself. I put a lot of effort into that.

I was like I'm gonna get this. it was the best four months ever. Still in contact with those people as well. It was so fun and I got to watch the show's early. They have copies of them all. So like you're making copies to send out to press to review episodes and I would watch them as I'm making the copies. It was it was so fun.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:10:17] I got some early episodes as well.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:10:19] Yeah. What's your favorite house? Or Housewives franchise.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:10:25] I only watch Atlanta.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:10:26] Well, it's the best one. It is. Literally the best one Porsche is my favorite.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:10:31] I love Porsha. So first I was indifferent, but now I love her. I want Nene's presence, but I dislike her.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:10:41] Yeah, I was disappointed with her this last season. I just felt like it was so much negative energy.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:10:46] That made me dislike her, but I don't want her not on the show.

But whoever her friend is. Tanya? The fashion girl . I'm just like, Nene you're not [fashion]. You have money. You're buying labels.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:11:01] What's the store called?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:11:03] Swag.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:11:03] Swag Boutique?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:11:05] Yes, like Swag is 'low'. What do you mean? Tanya did a high-low outfit and she had the Swag sunglasses and I think Chanel swimsuit. I'm like in comparison Nene you need to calm down.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:11:24] I love that show.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:11:25] All right. We're getting too off in the weeds with this.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:11:27] Okay. We can thank Bravo for my internship and for my love of Housewives. But then I graduated and I actually moved to LA.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:11:36] What were you doing in LA?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:11:38] I didn't know at the time. I just really always wanted to move to LA. If I was going to continue to dance, LA was always in the back of my mind just because of commercial dance. There's a lot of commercial dance out there.

So my boyfriend and I, we upped and moved. I started applying to jobs had some interviews. I saved enough to like not have a job for like three three and a half months.

So it was down to the wire and within two and a half months. I landed a job and I worked in PR at DKC Public Relations.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:12:16] So you worked in PR for how many years and then switch to publishing.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:12:22] Out of college. It was only like a year and a half because we moved back to New York

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:12:27] So fast.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:12:28] Well, if feels like forever, but yeah we moved back and I didn't have a job coming back. Well, my friend who worked at Hearst at the time was like 'Hey this team, Audience & Partnerships, that are on the digital side, they're looking for an assistant.

You would just be a shoe in and you should just apply if you want to come back and get a job. So I applied and I got it.

One of my bosses was starting, at the time. This is like three years ago. He was starting Best Products. And they were hiring and looking for more staff.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:13:01] And this was a new launch.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:13:03] Yeah, brand new site. It's an e-commerce site covering basically anything and everything. And in my free time, he was like, hey, would you want to like write some stuff on the side? And I was like totally let's do it. I've never really considered myself a writer but willing to experience it let's go for it.

And then I started writing for them so much that they were expanding and they offered me a full-time position and I didn't set out to be a writer but I was like sure why not this is a learning experience. So I took it and here we are two and a half years later.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:13:34] What's the favorite part of your job?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:13:37] There's a lot of free products. You can call a lot of stuff in because you need to test it. So that's kind of fun. I got a lot of free random things lots of random things. Being Lifestyle it kind of covers anything and everything. So the weirdest pitches you could expect I get them.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:13:55] what was the most unusual pitch you've either tried or suggested?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:14:06] One that was like weird and I pitched it and we did it well. I get a lot of a random things that basically like we learned in PR you look at somebody's by line. do they write things similar to this? So it's a little, questionable why people pitch me the most random things we wouldn't even cover on the site, but I just actually did round up on ball deodorant.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:14:29] On what deodorant?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:14:30] Exactly. but I kept getting these pitches for ball deodorant and I was like, is this like a trend going on?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:14:35] Okay. I can't hear what you're saying.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:14:38] B A L L deodorant. So yes deodorant for down there. We can stop there. But I got like six pitches within two weeks and I was like is this something that's like really common. And sure enough it was. And , you know tons of people are actually looking for it online. So I did a Roundup. that's pretty much the weirdest one. I've gotten that I've pursued and wrote up.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:15:04] We're going to play 'Faux or Fashion'. Oh boy. I'm ready. So I'm going to give you three headlines and you're going to guess whether it's real headline 'Fashion 'or 'Faux', it's a fake headline that I made up. Okay?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:15:26] All right. Give it to me.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:15:31] Hailey Bieber. tried to trademark a beauty line, but it was rejected because her husband already had the trademark. Is that a real headline or a foe headline? Her husband is Justin Bieber.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:15:48] I would say 'Faux' because. Wouldn't he be like, 'Oh don't waste your time. I already got it trademarked.'

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:15:55] No, apparently they don't talk. This is a real Fashion headline. She applied for her new beauty line that she was hoping to launch but she didn't talk to her husband, Justin Bieber, who already had the Bieber Beauty. Bieber Beauty was already trademarked.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:16:13] I feel like they also don’t leave their house. So wouldn't that come up at some point?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:16:16] Do they talk to each other? We don't know true. Okay, so that was a real one. You only have two more chances to win.

Second headline 'Global retailer Adidas has developed an eco-friendly sneaker using sea urchin shells as the base.'

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:16:40] I'm gonna go with the true.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:16:42] Its fake. I made that up.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:16:46] I took that because I get the most random things that are like eco-friendly made made out of like plastic bottles. I guess the key would have been the sea urchins.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:16:53] Yeah, because I just had that last night.

I love sea urchin.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:16:56] I've never had it.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:16:57] I only like expensive things, apparently.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:01] Is it really expensive? You're like don't get it.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:04] Don't eat that again, but it's so good.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:07] So Mikahila 2 Brian 0.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:09] Its not me, its the internet. But Adidas is a sustainability focused company. T hey do a lot of initiatives so I tried to throw you off.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:19] Yeah, that's why.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:19] I just went to their press preview and I was like, oh, yeah.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:23] This one will get Brian.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:26] But Adidas, they've been quietly working on some sustainability stuff for their company and they have this Initiative for 2020 where they'll be phasing out using virgin plastic. So it's all recyclable stuff and using organic cotton. So they have sustainability stuff that they're not really promoting.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:47] But not Sea Urchins.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:51] Okay, last one. I mean, you lost already.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:17:57] Wait, I can still get my point.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:17:59] Okay, let's change it up. You'll get triple points if you get this correct.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:04] All or nothing. There we go. Double or nothing; that's what it is.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:08] Its All or Nothing, because if you double no one wins.

Okay, creative director Virgil Abloh sent Louis Vuitton branded do-it-yourself kite-making kids to all his fashion show attendees.

This was for this past menswear season

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:31] I want to say true.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:32] It was true.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:32] Okay. Whew, alright.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:34] Yay. You win. Everyone's a winner.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:36] It feels like a random fashion thing to send out a kite kit.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:39] Yeah. It was a cute kit.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:42] Did you make it?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:43] I didn't make it.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:18:44] No. No, did you make it once you got the kit? Did you get a kit?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:18:47] I didn't get a kit. I'm too low down, honey. I didn't go to any menswear shows. Funny, okay, not even going into that.

You can purchase a $3,500 jenga kit from Louis Vuitton now.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:19:03] $3,500? Is it like jumbo jenga.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:19:09] It's not jumbo. Its regular-sized. Like it's like the side of your face. It's cute.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:19:16] I'm sure it looks cute on like a coffee table.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:19:18] My coffee table. My birthday is in July.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:19:22] For all your subscribers, you know what to get.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:19:25] Virgil you can send it to me. so the kite, it was a part of his Menswear Show theme was to get back to Boyhood and playing games. I'm good at playing games. So you can send me a kite. No, I want the Jenga. I don't want the kite.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:19:44] Send me the $3,500 Jenga, we'll call it a day.

Yeah, so you win. Whoo. Yay.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:19:52] What are your daily reads? What do you have to read to prepare for your day during the week during the work week.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:20:00] For work?

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:20:01] I mean just for you to whether it's your own personal self wellness.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:20:07] Sadly. Instagram is pretty much where I get news.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:20:10] That is not Wellness.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:20:13] Well, you can follow like wellness brand known.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:20:15] No, thats all a bunch of crock.

So then what's the new thing that I should be looking for? There's nothing? Its just new variations on what we already have?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:20:26] Yeah. Sustainability is huge.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:20:28] That's why I tried to throw you off.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:20:30] A straw trend is huge, reusable lunch bags and stuff like that is really big. Anything that you can throw eco-friendly on is a big thing. That's where a lot of the pitches are coming from.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:20:46] We did a huge sustainability thing for Oprah Magazine. And for the April issue this year.

We had everything you just said, we had sustainable straws and, excuse me and the reasonable every bag. Yes, the reusable lunch bags.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:21:03] I feel really bad, but I tried to do the straw. There's this one that closes up into like a little pocket that you can clip to your keys. It's called Final Straw and it's really cool.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:21:13] That sounds like it has a lot of creases where bacteria can live.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:21:16] I haven’t hopped on the reusable straw, but I will say we should be switching to paper straws.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:21:23] Paper straws suck. How about you just don’t use a straw?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:21:25] Everybody complains about them? But I like them people said they changed the flavor of whatever you're drinking.

I just went to London and every place gave us paper straws, even Starbucks.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:21:34] Yeah, they tried it here and it sucked. Starbucks had paper straws here. I had one at Union Square. It was crappy. I was like, please do not do this to me again.

Juice Gen (Generation) had it. I'm just like why are you doing this to me?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:21:47] Well, we gave up quick. See, they should have forced the paper on you and then if you didn't feel like taking it, then you should just not use a straw, instead of plastic.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:21:58] Okay, I'd rather just have my lid open and just chug it back before I use a paper straw. That's so gross.

Do you have any daily grooming? I know men say grooming because only women do Beauty. Do you have any grooming products that you use and tried I'm Pride at Best Products?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:22:17] I'm really into, I love face masks. Like sheet masks. I really love that.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:22:22] I've read that face masks are just like a whole sham, but go ahead tell me.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:22:27] Wait if you do one, so I got into a really good routine like three months back and kind of fell off of it, but I was doing a moisturizing sheet mask every night. It's like 20 minutes. It was like my routine. It felt so good.

My skin has never looked better.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:22:43] What's in the sheet mask?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:22:44] I got them at this Korean beauty store.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:22:47] No, tell me what's in it.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:22:48] Oh, I don't know. I'm one of those people who doesn't like look at what's in it. but that and then I tried out those little Jade rollers that are kind of a sham that you like rub on your face.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:22:57] No, I like those.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:22:58] I like it. But I feel like a like a dork when I'm doing it because it’s just a stone that you're rubbing.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:23:02] Its just you; whose watching You? No one's gonna know you're a dork.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:23:04] But I'm like believing it.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:23:05] No, it works. Because you have to push the product into your skin.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:23:08] Your skin is flawless. Clearly really I should keep doing it.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:23:12] Thank you.

But you have to push the product into your face. So, serums, oils, you have to push it in, and moisturizer you just rub on top, and that's fine. So that's why you need the Jade roller.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:23:24] I didn't know that.

Also. Okay, so I got it in the first week I did was waving it all around and then I talked to the Beauty Editor at Best Products and she was like, 'oh, you know, the directions are supposed to go?' And I was like what? She’s like you don't go in towards your nose you go away from your nose.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:23:41] Because that is the oiliest part of your face.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:23:46] I messed up but we got on the right track and my skin has never looked better.

Also, we should talk about how we do not know that we worked at Hearst. one day I was just in the cafeteria.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:23:55] One day, I was walking to get my regular order of grilled cheese with avocado and tomato that I've been ordering since I was an intern at Elle Magazine.

And I see Brian Murray Jr. What are you doing here in my building?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:24:13] Mind you we hadn't seen each other since the end of our internship in 2012.

And this was what like last year. So 2018. And I looked up and I was like, oh my God, Mikahila? what are you doing here? She's like 'I work here'. I was like what and I'd been at Hearst for two years at that point crazy never ran into you. What a small world. We were meant to be.

I always run into Alan at the most random times. It'll be on the street. He'll be there. I ran into him like three or four times.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:24:44] Alan is everywhere. He was also on this podcast. So you guys should listen to that episode.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:24:48] I'm glad so now they know they'll know who Alan is.

Alan Diamond World Tour.

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:24:54] Where can we find you on the internet or do you care about people finding you on the internet?

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:25:02] I don't it's really easy though. Now that you know my name, Brian Murray Jr. Or near its

Mikahila Bloomfield: [00:25:05] Did I say it enough? Brian Murray Jr.

Brian Murray Jr.: [00:25:07] Its @brianmurrayjr

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