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Global Celebrity Hairstylist Ciara Costenoble

She taught herself French within months of moving to Paris and took up Romania as a third language.

Celebrity Hairstylist Ciara Costenoble

Podcast Episode Summary

Working her way through the ranks of the traditional Black hair salon as a young girl growing up in Washington, DC, Ciara Costenoble knew early on she wanted to pursue a career in hair. Later, as a hairstylist in high-end luxury salons, Ciara noticed a huge problem — Black hairstylists were well equipped with the working knowledge of how to style hair of all textures, however, that skillset was absent from their white counterparts. This disparity, which continues to plague the beauty industry today, has led Ciara on a path of hair education, working with beauty brands for corporate trainings on product knowledge, to recently graduating from an Instructional Design Program in France [Ingénieur Responsable Pédagogique], which she plans to use in her goal to diversify and restructure the education programs within the hair industry.

Ciara's work has been featured in countless magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire Ukraine, V magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, and her celebrity clientele includes Taraji P. Henson, Mary J Blige, Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae, and Kim Kardashian.

Listen to this episode of the Fashion League podcast, Mikahila Bloomfield interviews global celebrity hairstylist, Ciara Costenoble — she discusses her shampoo girl days, her experience living and working in Paris as an American, and her plans to help improve DE & I within the international beauty market. Of course, we play a round of Faux or Fashion™ trivia.

Faux or Fashion™ Trivia

Ciara Costenoble

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