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Footwear & Apparel Product Tester—Podcast Episode 22

On this episode of the fashion league podcast I speak with my good friend Archana, last name unknown. We discussed how her childhood interest in fashion design lead to an internship in sustainability, which brought her on a journey to a career in Footwear & Apparel Product Testing.

There’s a lot of laughter in this episode, forgive us—we spent 2 years in graduate school together at the University of Delaware, Archana attended my wedding, and we had an adventurous time in India one summer.

I was in India working with the marketing team at Hansiba, which is the fashion brand for the SEWA trade union, which represents thousands of impoverished self-employed women workers. 

Archana also talks about her graduate studies at the UD under Marsha Dickson, who is a Board Member of the Fair Labor Association, who’s expertise is in social responsibility and sustainability in the apparel industry.

I just added a metallic gold Telfar bag to my collection—its vegan.

In this episode:

Hansiba (SEWA) -

Auroville, India:

Fair Labor Association:

Faux or Fashion:


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