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Can Fashion Get Sustainable?—Podcast with Tiffany Rogers

On this episode my guest is Tiffany Rogers. Tiffany is the manager of responsible sourcing and production at the Fair Labor Association, which is a Non-governmental organization (or NGO) headquarter in Washington DC. Their mission is to protect worker’s rights throughout the global supply chain.

Tiffany and I went to grad school together at the University of Delaware, where, on the first day meeting her during our grad student orientation, Tiffany proclaimed that she had designed the print on my Tracy Reese skirt. No introductions, no names exchanged, just bam, I made that, and you’re wearing it. I didn’t like her.

The print is from the Tracy Reese Spring/Summer 2010 collection by the way.

Anyway, Tiffany and I are great friends now, she attended my wedding, so did our other classmate ,Archana. They both schelped my huge wedding gown back to their apartment after my wedding so I could get on my flight for my honeymoon the next day—true friends.

It’s a fun episode and Tiffany also shared some insight on the impact of the Coronavirus on the global supply chain for the fashion & apparel industry.

Coronavirus has canceled many revenue generating events for the fashion industry, from the Met Gala which raised a record breaking $15 Million dollars last year for the museum’s costume institute. And four days ago I received an email from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (or the CFDA) announcing that all resort shows have been canceled and the Men’s fashion shows planned for June have been postponed without a future date as yet. Which is all financially troubling because fashion shows are a major selling strategy for designers.

On Friday, online luxury retailer Net-a-porter announced they’re temporarily closing distribution centers and suspending services in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Meanwhile, today a group of workers at an Amazon warehouse in New York City walked off the job and went on strike Monday afternoon, demanding the company shut down and thoroughly clean the sprawling facility after they say multiple employees there have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Faux or Fashion Answers: BAFTA Eco-friendly Red Carpet:…hion-1275799

"Balenciaga Winter 20 re-contextualizes the structures inherently associated with desire, inverting the values of certain dress codes. The austerity of clerical garb and court robes are interpreted for casual wear," read the Balenciaga Fall Winter 2020 show notes.

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