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How To Be An Indispensable Intern-Podcast Episode 24 With Fashion Editor Zoey Washington

Zoey Washington fashion editor podcast episode

On this episode of the Fashion League podcast, host Mikahila Bloomfield talks with fashion editor and writer Zoey Washington. Zoey is from Baltimore Maryland, where she currently lives and works as a freelance writer and editor covering all things fashion & beauty—she’s basically had her work-from-home routine down pat long before the pandemic.

Zoey is the former fashion director of the San Fransisco-based BRIT + CO, and has worked for publications such as ELLE, People, Vogue, Essence, and InStyle.

Zoey is also the founder of SEWSQUAD, a DIY fashion brand that has been featured in Refinery29 and People magazine. She’s also an art obsessive and bonafide art aficionado with a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Columbia University and a master’s degree in curation from Johns Hopkins University.

You can follow Zoey at @SEW_SQUAD and @Zoeyw on Instagram.

Everyone has opinions about the recently released NYFW Schedule. Its a very thin schedule, spread across Sunday, September 13th through Wednesday, September 16th, with most shows packed into Tuesday, September 15th.

Most shows will be virtual with social distancing restrictions for live events. Only 50 people are allowed and that includes staff and production. So no piled up front rows!



Guest: Zoey Washington

Marc Jacobs is NYFW:

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